Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Nexty?

Nexty is a platform based on blockchain technology to help the e-commercial startups to raise funds from community. The startups themselves would create the ecosystem for Nexty.

2. Is it possible for startups outside of e-commercial field to raise funds?

Totally possible! However, startups in this field would benefit more from Nexty ecosystem, especially the advantages of Instant Transfer and Zero Fee technologies of Nexty.

3. What are Instant Transfer and Zero Fees?

These unique technologies are exclusive to Nexty, providing ecommercial startups namely online shops, online service with much effective transactions and greater advantages for users. How amazing and convenient it is to shop and pay online without transaction fees or transaction confirmation!

For more information of such technologies, please consult our Whitepaper.

4. Many platforms are functioning the same as Nexty like Ethereum, Neo, Wave, etc… What makes Nexty different?

The innovation is that Nexty costs no transaction fees as well as time for transaction confirmation. These procedures are obstacles to the ecommerce platform, especially in the process of micro payment and daily transactions.

Imagine if you buy a 10 cent item on Amazone and pay by Bitcoin or
Ethereum. With the current exchange rate of a Bitcoin of about $10,000 and an ethereum of about $400, the payment will be extremely confusing because of too many zeroes in decimal place.

Not to mention the current high transaction costs, the payment of 10 cents by Bitcoin or Ethereum is not feasible.

5. Considering all above-mentioned advantages, total supply of Nexty should be huge enough, at least exceed the initial amount of 22,000,000?

22,000,000 is the initial total supply of pNTY. 1 pNTY = 10,000 NTY.

6. Hence, the total initial supply of Nexty is 220 billion. Does such a huge amount devalue Nexty?

It is true that Nexty starts with 220,000,000,000 NTY, resulting in the conversion of 10,000 NTY to 1 pNTY. pNTY is used for transaction of Crypto currencies, while NTY is used for daily transactions on e-commercial businesses.

Additionally, Nexty also possesses other systems called Dual Cryptocurrency Confirmation System to boost the benefit and value of early pNTY owners.

7. What is Dual Cryptocurrency Confirmation System?

Dual Cryptocurrency Confirmation System (DCCS), in addition to NTY, Nexty introduces other coin called NTF (Nexty Foundation).

DCCS immediately processes NTY transaction without fee. NTF will be used to verify NTY transactions and holders of NTF will receive rewards at the end of each month instead of receiving immediate transaction verification fees as commonly found in other Cryptocurrencies. Moreover, just NTF holders have privileges to mine NTY and NTF’s total supply is extremely limited: only 10,000,000.

With Nexty ecosystem model, NTY coin will increase its value, resulting in the increase in NTF value.

8. How to possess the NTF coins?

The privilege rate for the earliest 10,000,000 pNTY owners is that 1 pNTY gets 1 NTF, which means purchasing one, earning double. This means that you only have the opportunity to own NTF during the ICO period; otherwise, you can only purchase this coin once it is introduced on the trading platform.

However, the purchasing possibility is low because NTF owners can mine NTY coins and obtain NTY by Proof of Foundation algorithm. Because of such benefits, NTF holders will not sell the NTFs they hold, or sell at high price. The current price of Ethereum is over $400, the target price of 1 pNTY will be $300 at the end of 2018.

The owners of 10,000,000 pNTY must, firstly, freeze their pNTYs to receive NTFs through the Smart Staking program.

9. What is Smart Staking? Once frozen, the NTY coins would stop generating profits?

Actually the term of “frozen” or “freeze” is not a worry. Frozen by Smart Staking program even offers you greater benefit.

Smart Staking means no online mode for maintenance as Staking normally but still earns increment. For more detailed Smart Staking program,

consult here


10. How to join ICO?

prequisite condition is to have Nexty account. If you do not have one, sign up here.

Once you have an account, log in here and load Bitcoin or Ethereum then wait for the ICO sale date. See ICO sale date here.

11. Is Affiliate program available in Nexty?

Sure, each successful referral will generate 6% commission on purchased amount of pNTY

Affiliate program of Nexty is applied in both ICO and Smart Staking programs.

12. Why is Nexty’s affiliate program different from most of other projects?

I see the 1st level commission of other projects is usually the highest.

Nexty targets a strong and sustainable community, so we created this affiliate system so that referrals are responsible for helping and guiding whoever they refer if they want to get the most from this affiliate program.

13. With such an affiliate program structure, doesn’t Nexty worry that people themselves create multiple accounts? Is it possible for a user to create multiple accounts?

For the best identification, each user is allowed to create one account only.

Nexty will strictly manage this issue and lock the offending accounts. Consult the Terms of Use for details.

14. How many coins per person can be owned during the ICO?

Minimum amount: 100 pNTY

Maximum amount: 300 pNTY

15. What kind of load accepted by Nexty?

Nexty accepts Bitcoin and Ethereum

16. Can I withdraw despite the load?

In order to maintain the system and avoid overload, during the ICO period, the withdrawal function is temporarily disabled. You can withdraw when ICO ends or your purchase succeeds.

17. Can I transfer my pNTY internally to another member?

Totally possible but you are highly advised of raising alert of security!

18. Please follow these instructions to enable double layer security for your account:

Step 1: Sign in to your Nexty account here.

Step 2: Click on Two Factor Authentication in the avatar at the top right corner of your account.

You will set up 2-layer security.

19. With such limited amount in open sales, I am afraid I will not buy pNTY in the ICO period

To ensure fairness for all members, Nexty only allows one account to purchase a maximum of 500 pNTY. Those who have purchased a full limit of 500 pNTY will not be able to purchase more and we will handle it tightly. Your luck plays important roles in this case.

20. Where can I see Nexty Roadmap and Whitepaper?

Click here for Roadmap

Click here for Whitepaper

21. How the Startup would be invested by Nexty?

Many Start-ups develop great ideas and even create completed products, but are lacking in finance to develop the project. Hence, Nexty will invest in such Startups by providing a platform to raise funds through the ICO and support communications as well as strategy advice, in return Nexty will receive a percentage of the shares under the deal in that startup.

Once an ICO is created on the basis of Nexty, investors have to buy Token via pNTY, which creates tremendous growth potential and elevates the value of the NTY.

Any more questions you may have, contact us through [email protected]