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Governments’ attitudes towards cryptocurrency — Part 2.

Governments’ attitudes towards cryptocurrency — Part 2.II. The neutralistsWhile countries promoting cryptocurrencies seem to be a paradise for Bitcoin enthusiasts, the neutral nations may disappoint those people a little bit because of their vague attitudes towards virtual currencies as they neither really prohibit nor fully accept this digital medium of exchange. In this group, UK and South […]


What is ICO? Admist the crypto fever, Initial Coin Offering (ICO) has emerged to startups as an “unregulated means by which funds are raised for a new cryptocurrency venture” (Investopedia). Throughout the ICO sessions, tokens issued by the firms will be offered to enthusiasts and supporters in exchange for legal tenders, and/or other high cap cryptocurrencies […]

Nexty team Introduction

Our honor to present the Team of Nexty, Ken Zeng Co-founder / CEO Graduated from Anglo Chinese School (Independent) in Singapore and George Washington University in Washington, DC with Business Administration (Finance & Management Information System) On the dean’s list for three semesters & awarded the Presidential Achievement Scholarship. Ken started off his career with […]

Price Stability — From macroeconomic theory to Nexty’spNTY value

Virtual currency, famous for its volatility and decentralization, is known as a “bubble” of the economy because of its unpredictable price. Even Robert Shiller, the winner of the Nobel Prize in 2013 for assessing asset prices, recently remarked that the value of bitcoin is “exceptionally ambiguous”. Indeed, within the first month of 2018 only, Cryptocurrency […]

Nexty 30-day plan (Feb-Mar/2018)

#Nexty 30-day plan Feb 10: Official Block Explorer launchFeb 15: Testnet and System Stats launchFeb 20: Introduction of team membersFeb 25:– Website system change– Recognition under the name “Nexty platform”– Detailed Whitepaper on Nexty system operation (Price stabilization, Instant transfer and zero transfer fee)Feb 28: Wallet Apps for iOS, Android & WindowsMarch 5–15: Marketing boost […]

Moongazers see cryptocurrency bloodbaths twice

Not long ago, cryptocurrency market has experienced Bitcoin’s sharp fall , -right before Christmas 2017 and on the New Year’s Eve. All contribute to the massive withdrawal for the demands of the holly celebrations. On Jan 17th and 23rd of this year, history came back again at the pre Chinese New Year (years based on the […]

Our internal exchange demo is now open.

Our internal exchange demo is now open. For those interested in getting matured pNTY: test our demo with 1 ETH and 500 matured pNTY provided, printscreen any errors you see and send to us, you’ll receive awards ranging from 1 to 100 matured pNTY based on your error analysis. The official internal exchange will be […]

Announcement about Christmas and New Year holidays

During Christmas and New Year holidays, from Sunday, 24 December 2017 to Tuesday, 26 December 2017 and Sunday, 31 December 2017 to Tuesday,2 January 2018, our standby staff members are assigned to support on these days but responses will not be as fast as always. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We […]