Zero transfer fees

A complimentary feature for Nexty incredible speed, because we believe that you shouldn’t get charged to transfer your money and always be in control.

Decentralized Trustless Stablecoin

Where nobody owes anyone anything.
With elastic supply that always matches the market demand. No more. No less.


Stay on track with Nexty development.


  • EzPay: Universal wallet and Chrome extension
  • Testnet for Trustless Stablecoin
  • VDF development.


  • Establish Nexty Foundation
  • Release mainnet for Trustless Stablecoin
  • Unbiasable Randomness and


  • Consensus Hardening And Gorvernance 2.0
  • Plasma & Crosschain Interoperation Proposal

Year 2020 and Beyond

Year 2020 and Beyond

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